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Integrated Solutions

Visay. helps organizations effectively integrate information technology within their businesses. Through extensive experience in business process modeling, sit analysis, implementation, and support, as well as strategic relationships with leading industry providers such as Lotus, Sterling Software and several other partners; Visay. provides flexible, scalable solutions that meet your organization's business requirements.

Visay. Resources is committed to implementing high-impact, cost-effective solutions that leverage your existing information assets.

Our IT professionals offer a wide variety of services, including the following:

Interactive Workflow Applications

Visay. draws from the most powerful, flexible tools on the market to assist your company in automating a broad range of business functions.

Internet, Intranet, and Extranet Solutions Our extensive experience in implementing

comprehensive Internet/Intranet/Extranet solutions using a variety of technologies will help your organization extend its network through improved access to corporate information.

Network Integration Solutions

A well-planned and effectively implemented network is a key component in most business computing environments. We have expertise in developing a flexible, dynamic network environment for your organization.

Information/Knowledge Management

Information/knowledge management is the process of converting enterprise resources data into accessible information that can be used to improve customer service, operational efficiency, and decision support. Visay. delivers information management solutions that enable your organization to effectively view, search, query, manage, and utilize corporate data.

Database Integration

Sharing data from multiple database sources is critical to the operation of many organizations. Through the deployment of robust database integration tools, Visay. can help your company span multiple platforms to efficiently access mission-critical data.

Client/Server Development

We have assisted innumerable organizations in transitioning to client/server. If you're looking to build applications that solve business needs, rely on our experience in identifying and deploying reliable, effective client/server tools.


One of information technology's hidden costs is the proper training of those individuals tasked with using the tools. To assist clients in realizing the optimum return on their technology investment, we can train customers employees in technology and bring the whole organization up to speed on new technologies. Training components can include exams and on-line instructor interaction.

We also partnered with IBM in India to provide Software Engineering training to our employees, customers and students. - Business Process Modeling Understanding the key processes within your organization is a critical step in identifying the correct IT solutions. Visay. 's experience professionals can help you evaluate, enhance, and document your organization's business processes. We'll analyze critical processes by breaking them down into sub-components, identifying inputs and outputs, reviewing metrics, verifying audits, and suggesting corrective actions. Then, we'll provide you with written recommendations and next steps that are realistic, specific, and actionable.

Network Site Analysis

The stability of an organization's network can mean the difference between success and failure. Visay. 's network experts review the current components of your network environment, including wiring, servers (hardware, software, operating systems, infrastructure, scalability, task load, future requirement, etc.), potential risk, and identify areas for improvement.

Application Software Evaluation

Your business applications are the cornerstone of your company's IT structures. Visay. can provide you with application software evaluation service, either in conjunction with our other assessment services or as a separate service. Our knowledgeable staff will assist you in identifying the software applications best suited to meet your organization's needs.

The Support Retainer Program

For those organizations that may be dealing with manpower, skill set, or management issues, Visay. offers the support Retainer Program. As a subscriber to this program, your organization received on-site facilities management service for your network environment. You may choose to have Visay. handle your entire network, or designate specific portions to be managed.

The fee for this program is based upon your requirements. Its retainer-based structure provides you with flexibility and conveniences, giving you complete control over both the scope and corresponding cost of the support you receive.

Visay. has earned a reputation for delivering high-quality solutions on time and within budget. To find out more about and how Visay. has successfully helped organizations such as yours, and to employ integrated enterprise-wide IT solutions, Please visit us on the Internet.

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